Top 10 lounge perks travellers value the most

Imagine this: you have prepared everything, from printing your travelling tickets to checking twice if everything is fine around your home. You are worrying you might have missed something. As you depart on this travel journey, all you wish is for relaxation, which is why you have access to these exclusive airport lounges. Here are the top 10 best lounge perks that you can take advantage of:

Perk # 1: Playing Video Games

Playing video games while waiting for your flights, does this seem too cool to be true? Well, it is real, at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport you can choose from a wide variety of games.

Perk # 2: Virtual Reality

Following on this new tech trend; airports and airlines have taken entertainment to another level: virtual reality videos to immerse their guests into a different dimension (at least for a moment). Innovation and creativity are happening right in front of your own eyes thanks to Aviapartner at Fiumicino Airport.

Perk #3: Champagne Bar

You would not believe that at Swiss First Class Lounge at Zurich Airport they have a champagne bar, with a stylish counter in the middle of the lounge with a few premium bottles of champagne on ice. You can either serve yourself or ask the wait staff to serve your drinks at the bar. Cheers!

Perk # 4: Desserts Buffet

If you ever are in South Africa, the Bidvest Lounge at Cape Town airport is a must for their delicious desserts. Soo many choices for breakfast (sugar rush alert!).

Perk #5: All you can eat Buffet

Not only you can have unlimited deserts you can also have extraordinary foods. At the SilverKris Business Lounge at Singapore Changi Airport, they serve mouth-watering Ramen soup. This is only one out of many different meal choices at this lounge, bon appetit!

Perk #6: Showers and Spa

Finnair Lounge at Helsinki Airport you can enjoy a refreshing shower. When you thought this couldn’t get any better: a sauna is also available. You can relax all the tense muscles in a hot wooden sauna.

Perk #7: Professional Hair Salon

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at London and New York JFK Airports have a hair salon, believe it or not. If you love the jet-set lifestyle, you will be served with this one. Who would say no to a complimentary haircut from Bumble & Bumble trained employees? They offer a complete makeover or a simple blowout so you can step into the airplane feeling your best self. At London’s Heathrow, they also have a recording studio and digital editing room for music mixing if haircuts are not your thing…

Perk #8: Yoga Studio

Qantas Airport Lounge in Perth, Australia has a yoga studio for all you yogis out there! Whenever you have a long flight ahead, the trainers will make sure to work you out with their either intense or relaxing yoga class. Shower facilities are available after you are done and ready to board the aircraft.

Perk # 9: Beer On Tap

The United Club at Tokyo’s Narita airport has an awesome beer machine that tilts your glass up and down to create the perfect beer for you in only a few seconds. Perfect every time, enjoy!

Perk #10: Pool Tables

The Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge at Istanbul Airport has a billiard table so you and your friends and family can have some fun before going on your flight. But let’s admit it, the main attraction in this lounge isn’t the pool table, the design is so innovative and classy it is worth just walking around.

By Cezara Olteanu

Cezara Olteanu is a Marketing Coordinator in Montreal, Canada. After her studies at Concordia University in Marketing, she joined Information Engineering Group (IEG), an IT company that works with airports and airlines. She loves travelling and visiting her hometown in Fagaras, Romania where she was born. When she isn’t working, she enjoys baking, dancing and creating creative content for her social media.

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