Understanding the B2B world for Airports

Today’s marketplace respects no boundary. The customer can move to other providers and competitors can poach your clients with electronic ease. So how do you maintain a loyal customer base that will ensure your success for years to come? The Information Engineering Group (IEG) has almost ten years of experience in developing loyalty systems for the airline industry and can provide strategic information on your customers.

It is IEG’s experience that only through close relationships can you succeed. Previously, it was possible to maintain familiar relationships with most of your clients, but as companies are driven to achieve economies of scale, we have lost the familiar touch. IEG has evolved the tools that allow you to re-assert that feeling of personal customer service.

Joining your customers on their terms is the means to establish long-term relationships and revenues. IEG has the next generation of loyalty products delivered as “essential” Customer Relationship Management (eCRM).

Provide your customers with pertinent information at appropriate times and tailored to their interests, and you will have made them feel special. It is one thing to know that your customer just flew from Tokyo to London, but it is equally important to know about the connecting flight to Lisbon, that she was just promoted to executive vice president and the trip to Lisbon means she will miss her son’s birthday.

It is now possible to have a customer profile this deep. You simply need to implement the appropriate “TouchPoint” Front Office systems. Imagine the relationship that would result if you could propose to this client a special incentive offer that would unite her with her son on his birthday? This is what will make your company succeed and start turning relationships into profit.

Targeted marketing communications

With increased competition between airports for business from airlines and overlapping catchment areas, the need for effective targeted marketing communications is greater than ever before. 

There are also opportunities to capture revenue from ancillary services such as parking, retail, and food and beverage concessions, made possible by getting to know the customer.

A CRM system has powerful segmentation features that can group passengers according to their location, frequency of travel, short or long haul, motivation to travel, and average wallet spend. This information helps to craft personalized, targeted, timely communications.

For example, a business traveller who always flies 1st class is likely interested in a new luxury lounge or parking service. A retired couple travelling to their annual sunshine getaway on a budget airline might be interested in a special offer for a meal at the airport. To give the best value, these two customers should not receive duplicate marketing emails or offers—rather personalized recommendations that speak to their travel preferences and requirements.

Creating targeted marketing communications is a breeze with the Rezcomm Marketplace. Unlike your average CRM, our plug-and-play marketplace comes with a host of powerful Customer and Marketing modules integrated with your airport website to deliver the ultimate personalized experience.

Rezcomm’s powerful e-commerce CRM supports airports in managing customer data and communications such as customer contact info, purchasing behaviour, and feedback. As airports often have little face-to-face contact with customers, our solutions help bridge the gap efficiently and effectively. Save time, anticipate customer needs, deliver hyper-personalized communications, reward loyalty, and ultimately, improve customer retention.

Airport loyalty programs

A loyalty program helps airports gather valuable customer data and insights into customer behaviour, buying habits, preferences and value.

Members earn points when they purchase goods and services either at the airport or through its website. They also have the chance to take advantage of VIP services and special offers at the airport. Rewards differ from one airport to another, but special services like fast-track security and discounts for shopping, airport parking or onward ground transportation are popular amongst loyalty program members.

Create a bespoke reward scheme for your airport with the Rezcomm Marketplace. Our Loyalty & Rewards module can be integrated with your CRM to sync with customer activities in real-time and create specific reward workflows.

Reward customers for their purchases and feedback to keep them coming back for more. Exclusive, personalized offers driven by your CRM data can go a long way in creating loyal customers and increasing their lifetime value.

By Cezara Olteanu

Cezara Olteanu is a Marketing Coordinator in Montreal, Canada. After her studies at Concordia University in Marketing, she joined Information Engineering Group (IEG), an IT company that works with airports and airlines. She loves travelling and visiting her hometown in Fagaras, Romania where she was born. When she isn’t working, she enjoys baking, dancing and creating creative content for her social media.

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