IEG & Virgin Australia open Kiosks for lounge users.

IEG and Virgin Australia have unveiled a kiosk lounge solution aimed at enhancing the travel experience for airport lounge users. The introduction of state-of-the-art kiosks is set to revolutionize the check-in process, offering a seamless and efficient journey for passengers. This strategic partnership leverages IEG’s advanced technology to integrate seamlessly with Virgin Australia’s operations, providing clients with a cost-efficient solution to alleviate long queues at lounge entrances.

The Power of Integration:

The synergy between IEG and Virgin Australia is rooted in the power of integration. IEG’s innovative technology plays a pivotal role in streamlining the check-in process by integrating with Virgin Australia’s existing systems. This integration allows for a synchronized and efficient flow of information, reducing wait times and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Efficiency in Action:

The new kiosks serve as a testament to the commitment of both IEG and Virgin Australia to enhance the travel experience. These user-friendly kiosks empower passengers to check in seamlessly, access boarding passes, and even make special requests with just a few taps. The efficiency of the system ensures that passengers can navigate through the lounge entrance swiftly, leaving behind the hassles of long queues.

Cost-Efficiency for Clients:

One of the significant advantages of this collaboration is the cost-efficiency it brings to clients. IEG’s technology allows for a smooth integration process, eliminating the need for extensive infrastructure changes on the part of Virgin Australia. This translates to a cost-effective solution that not only benefits the airlines but also ensures a positive impact on ticket prices for travelers.

Enhanced Passenger Experience:

The implementation of these kiosks is a testament to both IEG and Virgin Australia’s commitment to enhancing the overall passenger experience. By simplifying the check-in process and minimizing wait times, passengers can now focus on enjoying the amenities and services offered within the airport lounge, creating a more relaxed and enjoyable pre-flight experience.

Future Innovations:

The IEG and Virgin Australia collaboration sets a precedent for future innovations in the travel industry. As technology continues to evolve, strategic partnerships like this pave the way for more seamless and integrated solutions. The success of the kiosk implementation opens up possibilities for further advancements that prioritize efficiency, convenience, and customer satisfaction.


IEG and Virgin Australia’s introduction of advanced kiosks represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of the travel experience. The fusion of IEG’s technology with Virgin Australia’s operations not only streamlines the check-in process but also exemplifies the potential of strategic collaborations within the industry. As the travel landscape continues to evolve, innovations like these will undoubtedly redefine the way passengers approach and experience air travel.

By Cezara Olteanu

Cezara Olteanu is a Marketing Coordinator in Montreal, Canada. After her studies at Concordia University in Marketing, she joined Information Engineering Group (IEG), an IT company that works with airports and airlines. She loves travelling and visiting her hometown in Fagaras, Romania where she was born. When she isn’t working, she enjoys baking, dancing and creating creative content for her social media.

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